Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

Potassium nitrate, fully water-soluble fertilizer for fertigation in and greenhouse production.

Calcium is a vital element in the strength of the fabric and color of the plants. It forms and maintains the structure of the cell walls and improves the yield and quality of crops.

Continvest's calcium nitrate brand bears proven quality, corresponding to the quality of the world's leading manufacturers, easily absorbed by the plant and improves the strength of the cells. Highly effective nitrogen source, and calcium, enhances and prolongs the shelf life of the produce.

Compatible with most fertilizers, with the exception of those containing phosphates and sulfate.

Packing: 25 kg bags, stacked on pallets in 1200 kg.

Stara Zagora, Gorna Oryahovitsa

Continvest' calcium nitrate for foliar feeding and fertigation. The best source against calcium deficiency. No other fertilizer has the same effect on the soil (acidic effect).

Calcium is needed for normal growth of the plant bodies and for improving the strength, color, and quality of the fruit. Plays a key role in cell division, elongation of cells and the formation and maintenance of the structure of cell walls. Calcium deficiency can lead to serious damage of the reduction in yield and quality.

Injuries occur mainly to the tip of growth or in the tissues of vital organs - fruits, tubers, bulbs. Characteristic lesions are peak rotting fruits of tomatoes and peppers, peripheral necrosis on leaves of lettuce, bitter spots on apple fruit crop of cabbage and other

Calcium nitrate Continvest brand is a product of high purity soluble in water without water residue. Designed specifically for fertigation / fertilization with irrigation water / and foliar application - provides two essential plant nutrients - nitrogen and calcium. Suitable for fertilization of all crops and soils, but is especially desirable in intensive production areas - greenhouse vegetable and against bitter spots on fruits. Indispensable for growing plants of various substrates or nutrient solutions.

Guaranteed performance:

- Nitrogen content: min. 15.5%
- Calcium (CaO): min. 27,00%
Solubility> 99.80%
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