Monoammonium phosphate 12-61-0

Monoammonium phosphate 12-61-0

MAP, fully water-soluble fertilizer for fertigation in and greenhouse production. Monoammonium phosphate fertilizer, a highly efficient source of nitrogen and phosphorus for plants. Recommended for use in the initial stages of growth and development, when the need for phosphorus is critical to the creation of a root system and more vigorous absorption of nitrogen by plants. The complete solubility of the fertilizer makes it suitable for foliar application. Favorable for fertilization in all soils and crops.
Monoammonium phosphate is compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers, except fertilizers containing calcium or magnesium.
Packing: 25 kg bags stacked on pallets 1200 kg.

Stara Zagora, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sofia

Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a complex, highly concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer. It contains two main nutrients - 12 percent nitrogen (N) and 61% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) or 73% of active substance, which makes it easily absorbed by plants.
MAP has the highest percentage of water-soluble P2O5 (min. 61%) in phosphate fertilizers. The presence of phosphorous ions creates conditions for vigorous uptake of ammonium nitrogen. Phosphorus deficiency has a negative impact on color formation, seed and fruit, leading to lower yields. Monoammonium phosphate is considered favorable for fertilization of all soils and crops. Because it is water-soluble, it has the qualities of fast-acting phosphorus fertilizer, and poor mobility of phosphorus in the soil allows to use basic, stockpiling and periodic fertilization.
MAP is absorbed entirely from plants and leaves no ballast substances in the soil, which could reduce soil fertility.


Crop Application Total amount submitted (kg/ha)
Vegetable crop Since the beginning of fertigation up to 3-4 weeks before harvest 150-300 kg/ha
Fruit crop Since the beginning of fertigation up to 3-4 weeks before harvest 100-200 kg/ha
Vineyards Since the beginning of the fertigation period until the end of flowering 100-200 kg/ha
Fodder crop /Corn, Sunflower and other/ Since the beginning of fertigation up to 4-6 weeks before harvest 100-200 kg/ha


Name: Mono-ammonium phosphate
Molecular Weight:
Appearance: Crystal
Application: Water soluble fertilizer
CAS №:
UN №:
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